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Creating a Google App to receive data and add it to a Google Sheet

Creating a Google App to receive data and add it to a Google Sheet

Prepare your Google Data Studio dashboard data source

There are a multitude of connectors available in Google Data Studio that can allow you to easily access your data source. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one free in the partners connectors library for Zendesk so here is a method to create your own data source based on Zendesk data.

Create a new Google Sheets to save your data

Go to Google Sheets a create a new (blank) file and give it a name (ex: Zendesk data).

Create a new google sheet

Create a script with Google App Script to collect the data

Put as headers of your columns the Zendesk fields names, and add a last header named "Timestamp".

zendesk default fields list

Once done, click on "Tools > Script editor".

google spreadsheet

In the script editor window, delete the default function and replace it by the code provided by mhawksey on Github, save your file. After selecting the "setup" function, click on the "Run" button.

google app script

You will need to grant access to the application for your account.

zation steps

Once the function has completed, click on the "Deploy" button on the top right of the window, then on "New deployment". Select the type "web app". You can put a description to your deployment (optional). Set "execute as" to "Me", and "Who has access" to "Anyone". Click on "Deploy".

google app deployment

Once deployed, you can copy the url of your app that is displayed on your screen. Your app is now ready to receive data from Zendesk!

Google app finalized

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