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How to pre-select a country on a Pardot select field?

If you need to pre-select a country on your Pardot form, you can do it using javascript or jquery.

Step 1: Get the field id

To find out the Id of your select element / list, do a right-click on it and click "Inspect".

It will open your browser console.

You need to get the value of the "Id" attribute of your select element.

In the previous example, the country (select) field id is 698723_141956pi_698723_141956.

Step 2: get the country option value

Within your select field, you can see all available options that represent your countries.

Search for the country you want to pre-select and get the option value.

In our example, we'll pre-set the United States country which has the value 896174.

Step 3: pre-set the value to your select element

To pre-set the value of your country field, you will need to copy/paste the below script (replace the Id by your select Id and the value by your option value) to the <head> section of your layout template (paste the code before the closing </head> tag):

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
    $(document).ready(function() {



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